Friday, August 31, 2007

Let it Dangle

Well, we've lived here in Reno, Nevada, for one year now and I have to admit I've had to adjust to a few things. Making new friends was just one of them! One of the friends that I made shortly after we moved here is a fabulous gal named Jill. I just love this girl! She is totally cute and has a great sense of style. You really should see her house. I've "hired" her to be my interior decorator since we've been here a year and still have white walls, no furniture, and minimal decor. I'm planning on paying her in babysitting hours.

Jill's the type of person that can do it all. Not only is she extremely talented and has a great personality, but she has FOUR LITTLE BOYS...ages FOUR and UNDER. Whenever I am feeling overwhelmed by my three, I think of her with her four and keep on going. She inspires me. Here she is with her classy self.
Isn't she just the cutest? I know you're all wishing she was your friend too. Sorry! But I will share a tidbit of wisdom that she gave to me. It's all about the DANGLY EARRINGS. Check these things out!

I'm not much of an accessories or jewelry person, so I was sceptical of this at first. But Jill told me that by wearing dangly earrings you can feel beautiful no matter what. You can be wearing your grubbiest mom clothes with spit up down the front and still feel cute when you feel those earrings sway a bit. I can attest that a simple set of earrings that dangle can work wonders. Give it a try...your husband might even notice!

Now remember, just because a pair of earrings may be big and dangly does not mean they belong in your lobes. Please use good judgment. There is a fine line between cute and gaudy. I personally wear a small dangling pearl pair almost every day and they really add the little something I need. Word of caution, wear dangly earrings at your own risk, especially with young children around. Jill and I will not be held liable for any injuries that may occur.


Jan said...

You don't know me - I'm Natalie Cottam's mom and found your blog through hers -- (but I"m thinking we might have been in the same ward in Vegas when we first moved there -- Hacienda Heights?). Anyhow -- we lived in Reno for 4 years before Vegas and loved it. What part of town are you guys in?

The Kahumokus said...

Hi Jan,
Good 'ol Hacienda Heights...loved that ward! We are actually in the Wingfield Springs area in Sparks. We LOVE it here and I hope we can stay forever. Do you ever visit?

100 Percent Cottam said...

i will totally agree with that! if i'm wearing my big 'ol hoops, i don't feel so yucky. very clever strategy!

Bybees said...

I also attest to the dangley earrings! Every few months when I actually put earrings in, Ryan notices and tells me he thinks they look good. He pretty much NEVER notices anything, so I think dangle earrings have some kind of magical power or something. Can Jill come decorate my house too? I need help.

Jan said...

We liked Hacienda Heights too but it was dang big! Loved Bishop Duff! We haven't been back to Reno in a while -- Gary Goodsell and family lived in your area, I think (could be wrong though!) -- he's one of the CES guys there. Wonderful family.

The Kahumokus said...

YES! The Goodsells are in our ward! I don't know them too well but I can tell they are really neat.