Sunday, August 26, 2007

Sunday Painting

You know it's been a good day at church if you see the paint! The boys' favorite Sunday activity is painting, so the paints come out only on Sundays and only if they have been excellent at church.

It wasn't an easy day at church today with Willie being gone but I did it (we were even on time) and the boys really were good.

Here is a showcase of the masterpieces created today.

First up we have Jacob working hard to produce pictures in his favorite theme...can you guess?

Star Wars!! Notice the strokes used to create such life-like lightsabers!

Next up is painter Joshua. (He was crying because I wouldn't let him sleep.) His work brings out deep emotion and color and he prefers to work in a different genre of painting than his older brother....

ABSTRACT ART! Move over, Picasso, Josh has a style all of his own.

These two brothers, working side by side, have created reams of paper worth of pure art! I only wish I had a refrigerator big enough to display it all!

Whatever will we do when we have another artist to add in the mix? For now I'm glad that Nathan's content to play on the floor while his brothers paint without him! But take a look at that face...I have a feeling fingerpainting is in the near future!

If you would like one of these special works of art, let us know and we will mail one your way!

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Bybees said...

Welcome to the world of blogging! I'm so happy to see pictures of all your cute boys. Jacob and Joshua have grown up so much and Nathan- what a doll!