Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Mountain Climbing

The park we went to today for play group had rock climbing! The boys love this...even though Josh says he isn't brave enough. This is as high as he would go.
Jake was king of the mountain!
It is still pretty warm during the day so they needed to take a rest in the shade of the mountain. (Notice how I have documented the boys sharing water!)
We kind of cheated for play group today. I knew another ward was going to this park at 11:00 so we set ours for 10:00 to overlap with the other ward and I stayed for theirs too! We packed brown-bag lunches and water and we were totally set. The boys were being so good and having such a blast with their friends (from both wards) and I LOVED visiting with all the moms, so I didn't mind spending 3 hours at the park today!

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gtninlv said...

Good climbing mountain goats, but your sharing is even better!