Thursday, September 13, 2007

Sleeping in the grass

Yesterday afternoon while Nathan was napping, the boys and I were out back playing. It was beautiful out so I got myself a blanket and tried to take a little rest on the grass. I was actually enjoying a little snooze when Josh came over and informed me, "Mom, you can't sleep!" I told him I wasn't asleep, just resting with my eyes closed. This didn't work and he kept on nagging, "You can't close your eyes!" I finally told him, "They're open on the inside." He thought about it for a minute and I guess that was good enough because off he went to play again. Sleeping with my eyes open on the inside...I'm definitely using that one again!


gtninlv said...

Quick thinking! Do you think Dad would fall for it?

Kelly said...

Natalie- that is hilarious! And it's SO you. . . reminds me of other "explanations" you used to try to get away with. . . . :)

Anonymous said...

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