Tuesday, September 4, 2007


Willie brought back Wal-Mart gift cards for the boys from Grandma and Grandpa Kahumoku from his Alaska trip. When I explained to the boys what they were for, Jacob knew exactly what he wanted to buy...a new spring-action lightsaber like the one Joshua got for his birthday. Josh had been mentioning a few movies he wanted, so I knew he was leaning in that kind of direction. I thought this would be a breeze of a shopping trip because they already sort of knew what they wanted.Great! So we found what they wanted, let's go pay...except then they got to looking around. Jacob couldn't decide which color of lightsaber he really wanted. Josh couldn't decide on which movie. Then Josh didn't want a movie, he wanted...ANOTHER lightsaber. (We already own at least five lightsabers so I was putting my foot down on this one!) Back to the Star Wars aisle we go. They search high and low and Josh ended up with a pretty cool robot that walks and talks and has flashy lights and a gun. Every little boy's dream, I'm sure.
Then a shocking thing happened. Jake ditched the whole lightsaber idea all together and opted to an R2-D2 laptop. I was thrilled. No more weapons to add to the arsenal and something that is kind of educationalish. It has letters, numbers, and shapes games...educational, right?
The best little shopper by far was Nathan! He went for the DELUXE teething ring. (None of those 99-cent ones that squirt open for this baby!) Of course mom helped him buy some essential baby things too like lotion, baby soap, etc.
The big boys willingly gave up their cards in return for their new treasures! It took quite some time and a little guidance on the side but they made up their minds and each was thrilled with their find! Thanks Grandma and Grandpa!

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Danielle said...

So cute!! Your boys are so cute! I am still hoping that Allie and Jake will fall in love at BYU and get married!!! I know I know.. it's a little far away, but who knows. Can you believe our kids are in preschool? Where did the time go?