Friday, September 14, 2007

What a morning!

It's usually a little crazy around here, but this morning it was A LOT crazy! It all started with Joshua waking up at 5:45 a.m. needing to go to the bathroom. I still put him in a diaper at night just in case (and because I'm sick of washing sheets) and I truly wanted to tell him to just go in his diaper and go back to bed. BUT I didn't.

My alarm was about to go off for me to go walking anyway, it's just that usually when I leave in the morning (and when I get home for that matter), everyone one is sleeping peacefully. I got my lazy self up, helped him go, got him a baggy of cold cereal (this counts as breakfast in my book) and a movie, and headed out the door.

When I got home, Jacob was also now up. Weird, because he usually sleeps in. I got them both breakfast (second one for Josh) and hopped into the shower. After I was ready to go, I needed some breakfast, which means a third breakfast for Josh because if someone else is is he.

Jacob comes walking into the kitchen as I'm making toast and throws up all over, three times. Is he sick? Do people just randomly throw up? He never said, "Mom, my stomach hurts." He didn't look or act sick at all. He just threw up, not even close to a toilet. At least he had on a robe and slippers so I carefully got him out of those and plopped him on the couch with a throw-up bowl.

I cleaned up the mess and got everything into the wash. Whew! Change of plans for the entire rest of the day because I was going to go shopping but not with a puker. I still needed to make some calls for enrichment and clean a bit around the house anyway, "Just go with the flow," I'm telling myself.

But the flow keeps getting wavier! Josh yells from downstairs that he just wet his pants. I'm thinking, "You'll wet your pants in the middle of the day but not at the crack of dawn when you're wearing a diaper?"

I went downstairs to help him and realized that I had put them in pants because it is cooler today and he had a hard time getting them down. Not as bad as if he had just been standing there not even trying, he was close to a toilet. I still couldn't help thinking Jake and Josh could have at least orchestrated the throw up and the pee a little better so I would've only had to do one load of laundry.

Throughout this whole ordeal Nathan was wanting to be held. I had a horrible thought that maybe motherhood was preparing me for a time when I might need to have an arm amputated. I am getting way too good at doing everything with one hand! NO MORE BODILY FLUIDS!!!!


gtninlv said...

You crack me up! Hopefully all the drama is over and everyone took a nap. Tell Jake to get well soon and remind him sharing is good, but not if it's germs.

Kelly said...

Oh Natalie, what a way to start your day! I totally feel for you! I've never thought about having an arm amputated, but you're right, I certainly feel prepared for that. . . as long as it is after my babies are grown!