Thursday, November 1, 2007

Pumpkin Pizza

My mom always made holidays really fun for us kids. One thing we ALWAYS had was dinner in a pumpkin for Halloween. Rice, hamburger, water chestnuts (kinda like a homemade Hamburger Helper) all cooked inside a pumpkin! This is something that I love! The only problem is the boys and Willie don't like it. Boo-hoo! Sadly, this is a tradition we've had to put aside.BUT this year we saw a commercial for Papa Murphy's jack-o-lantern pizza and the boys just HAD to have it. The boys helped me make our own pumpkin pizza for Halloween dinner last night. It was yummy and I have to admit it was lots easier than making and cooking dinner inside the pumpkin. (No offense, Mom!)


Kelly said...

I love it! I feel your pain on givng up traditions you love- my mom alwyas made the first chili of the season on Halloween. However, Richard doesn't like chili. I made it anyway our first Halloween. . . and then ate the leftovers by myself for lunch for like a month! So then I gave it up. But this year we are in a new ward that does the ttunk-or-treat/chili cook off ON Halloween, so I got to make my chili and eat it too! And at the end of the night I just had an empty crockpot. And there were hot dogs at the trunk-or-treat too, for those who don't want chili. So everyone was happy- HOORAY! :) But I'll definitely keep this pumpkin pizza in mind- very fun, and tastey, idea.

gtninlv said...

No dinner in a pumpkin at our house either. We went to the ward trunk or treat and ate boiled hot dogs. There's no comparision between the two dinners, but it was fun, fun, fun to see everyone in costume!