Friday, November 9, 2007

We're OFF!

Well, Willie and I leave soon for the airport. My mom has come to stay with the boys (yes, even the baby) and Dad and Scott will be joining her here tonight! We are going for Money Tree's annual conference and party in Seattle and I am so excited. Hopefully the boys will do well and thankfully I know they'll be in good hands while we're away. Think happy thoughts for us!


Meet the Ludlow's said...

What fun. I could use a kid-free day or two! But I also know how hard it is for a mama to leave her kiddlies. Hope all goes well! Can't wait to hear about it.

Kelly said...

Good for you!! I'm such a baby about leaving my kids. I'm always glad I did in the end, but it stresses me out and makes me cry every time. I hope you have a great time- I'm trying to send happy thoughts your way! :)

Janna said...

Yeah!! I hope that you guys have a GREAT trip! How fun to have a get-a-way from the children. sometimes it is SO needed! Hope that things go smoother than they have for me. Yes-- I was in a major car accident and it totaled my van. I got rear ended with 5 cars involved. I was right in the middle! Luckily none of us got hurt too badly. So, now I have to buy a new car and figure out a way to get back home. Yeah :) Not really! Well, have a great trip and I will see you soon!!