Monday, November 5, 2007

Wish List

Well, the Christmas lists have already started here. Jacob has been wanting to call Santa and let him know what he'd like. I don't know Santa's phone number, so he drew a picture with a bunch of letters that I'm told says, "Santa Claus, I want a pool table. I've been so good. Please give that to me for Christmas." (Honestly, what 4-year-old wants a pool table?)

Here's what the boys are asking Santa for this year.

Jacob - pool table. He wants a full-sized one (yeah, right!) but we decided that would be hard to fit in a sleigh, so a kid-sized one will be great.

Joshua - train table. He's still happy with anything (thankfully) and a family in our ward is giving us a train table and train. Is it bad that Santa is a regifter?

Nathan - Drop & Roar Dinosaur. I totally scored one on Craig's List!

To make the shopping easier this year, here's a list of wishes from the boys. (Not to mention if I don't keep track of what they want, I'll forget!) The links are not the only places these items are sold. It's just to give you an idea of what they're talking about.

New markers. Jacob is an artist. He loves to of course Josh does, too. We go through markers like no one I know. Washable is always nice.
Puzzles. We are crossing the threshold of wooden board puzzles into the world of interlocking pieces. I've seen some that have 12 to 20 or so pieces and I think the boys are up for the challenge.
Pattern blocks. These look fun and educational. What a nice combo!
Board Games. We have quite a few (Candy Land, Cootie, Hi Ho Cherry-O, matching games), but can you really have too many games?
Lego Mosaics. Jacob wants Star Wars Lego's so bad but they're for older kids. These are the Lego's for kids ages 4+.
My Real Digital Camera by Little Tikes. I think these look cool and I know the boys would have a blast with them. Maybe they'll leave mine alone if they have their own!
Little Einsteins movies. We don't have any of them but the boys love the previews for them on other Disney movies.
Winnie the Pooh Learning Adventures movies. We have the "Shapes and Sizes" movie and I only feel half guilty when the boys watch it. (And they know all the shapes!) There is a word one, days of the week, rhyming, etc.
Wagon. This is a cool one by Little Tikes but any wagon to ride in will do. They are too big (and cool) for strollers now but I think this would be fun for tired legs on a family walk or for hauling "stuff" around the backyard.
Star Station by Fisher-Price. I think the boys would love singing into these things and seeing themselves on TV!
Inflatable trampoline by Little Tikes. This just screams winter sanity to me. It's hard when they can't go outside and burn energy, so bring the fun indoors! They also have bigger, pricier ones (of course).
Living Scriptures movies. We have "Nephi and the Brass Plates" on VHS (the free sample one) and the boys LOVE it. Although I've always worried it's not EXACT doctrine, it's helped them learn the storyline and be more interested when we do read the account from the scriptures.

I'll keep updating this as the list grows...Yikes!


gtninlv said...

Ho, ho, ho! Thanks for the wish list. I really like the links! It will make shopping much easier.

Janna said...

You are SO on top of things and I am always SO impressed! Yes-- we arrived safely and are having a good time. But I must admit it, I do miss it there! It makes me feel better to know that I am missed as well. Thank you! We are coming back next Saturday (the 17) Hope you guys have a good couple of weeks!! Yeah for all the fun Christmas wishes :)

The Anderson Family said...

You boys' list are very complete! I love it.

It is funny because every time we go to the store, Isaac asks for things & right now the only thing I say is, "maybe you should ask Santa for that for Christmas"...I might regret that later!

PS- we are selling our FULL SIZE pool table! hahah...looks like we have a perfect match. (lol, jk).

Kelly said...

My kids will probably be getting the Star Station too- I LOVE it! They've been using their beds as stages lately and anything they can grab as microphones and take turns singing, so when I saw a commercial for this I KNEW they needed it! Now I'm just tyring to convince Ella to ask Santa for that instead of the *DUMB* little baby My Little Pony thing that comes with a walker- how lame is that? Baby ponies DO NOT sit in baby human walkers! Anyway, I love the list Natalie! Merry Christmas!!

Bybees said...

Thanks for the good ideas. Do you have any tried and true gifts for a one year old boy who really could care less about toys? I would feel like a rotten parent not to get Bridger anything, but I'm at a loss. A new winter coat, perhaps?