Saturday, December 22, 2007

Christmas Lights

I don't mean to bore anyone with pictures of our Christmas lights. This post is more for our family record.

We've had light issues this year. ISSUE #1: Only the head lights up on one of the lighted deer. Try as we might, we failed to fix the poor deer. So the deer are not lit but instead rest peacefully on the front porch. (You can see them if you click on the picture to make it bigger.)BUT Willie did a fantastic job with the lights on the house again this year. Nice and straight...what a man!

Did I mention that I held the ladder? It might sound like a piddly job but it really is important. I even had a plan on how to attempt to catch Will if he were to slip. I was nervous about breaking his fall but if it came down to it, I would have been prepared.

ISSUE #2: For some reason the second story lights keep shorting out and poor Will has had to replace a fuse more than once. He wishes it was the bottom lights with the problem...This is the lighted garland on the stairs (that I bought half-off after Christmas at Target last year). I love it, even though Josh almost lost an eye on the protruding berry sticks and I busted my hand on a pine cone. ISSUE #3: We couldn't find the box with the extension cords so the lighting of these babies is very creative. This is the view looking down from the top of the stairs. Yes, the presents are in the middle of the floor instead of under the tree. The boys can't help themselves. I can usually find them shaking, rearranging, reading the name tags, or stacking the gifts in different combinations.This is the Christmas tree all lit up. ISSUE #4: We found the box of lights for the tree after we had used other lights and already decorated it.There were, however, no light issues with my aluminum tree. (Of course Will hates this tree.) I would like to get a revolving light projector to shine on it some day in the future. I don't know what my problem is but I like old things.This is the lighted garland on the fireplace mantle and we have the same stuff on top of the cabinets in the kitchen. Christmas lights just seem to make everything magical. The lights reflect in the boys' eyes and when the lights pop on so does this amazing look of wonder. If I could afford the power bill (and the HOA would allow it), I'd keep these lights all year long!

(Note to self, pack the lights and extention cords better this year!!!)


Miranda Family said...

Hey! Your mom told me to look up your blog today, so of course I listened to her! Your boys are all so adorable, I can't believe how big they've gotten! I hope you guys have a great Christmas, I know your family is excited to have you come down here this week!

The Anderson Family said...

Your house looks so pretty Natalie. Christmas lights do have a way of making everything seem so magical. Hope you guys have a wonderful Christmas.

gtninlv said...

Your home looks magical! Good job Willie & Nat. Merry Christmas. We love you!

Kelly said...

Sorry, I'm slow on the reply here. . . holidays, you know. Anyway- your house is GORGEOUS! I love the lights inside and out! Way to go.