Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Christmas Pictures

We had a photo shoot last weekend (courtesy of the timer on the camera) to try our luck at a family picture for the Christmas cards. Here are some pictures that didn't make the card cut but are cute nonetheless.

Here's what I got when I told the boys NOT to smile.

It's nice to know that a little reverse psychology still works around here.

I thought some hugging pictures would really show the love...

But Jake's hugs are more like chokeholds. NO hugging pictures this year!

TRIED to get a nice one of the boys and no avail.

Then I thought we just might have to take individual photos of each person, but Josh was in a silly mood.

And suddenly Nathan went from this:

To this:

(Having flashbacks of the 2004 Christmas card?)

Don't worry though, we did get a couple that are decent. So maybe if I can get my act together (and stop blogging) we'll have a Christmas card to send out this year!


100 Percent Cottam said...

cute, cute, cute! and i'm totally trying the "don't smile" thing on my kids. i think it might actually work! you're a genius!

Bybees said...

Great pictures! I am going to try the don't smile thing as well. Baylie's grins are so fake when we tell her to smile!