Friday, December 14, 2007

FED up

I am not professing to be a healthy person in any sense of the word. I do not exercise or watch what I eat (well, I glance at it as it's going into my mouth), but I have had it with my family's eating patterns!

I consider myself to be a moderation-in-all-things-type of gal. Sure, I like to snack and such but I eat healthy stuff too...not so with the boys. Here's the evidence.

My Thanksgiving plate:Here we have a nice spread of turkey, potatoes and gravy, a roll, stuffing, fruit salad, and fresh veggies and dip. I'm certainly not dieting but it's not too bad.

Willie's Thanksgiving plate:Rolls, turkey and gravy, and potatoes and gravy. He wouldn't even eat the stuffing because it had craisins and celery.

He has become anti-vegetable and fruit, claiming he doesn't want to eat anything natural. I think he's just joking around but his actions truly follow this claim. He will only eat junk and lots of it.

I don't want my husband to have a heart attack, and I also don't like how it's rubbing off on the boys. They see that their Dad leaves certain things untouched on his plate and they want to be just like him.

This is just the tip of the iceburg. I'm stumped. I serve every meal with a fruit and/or veggie (even served on their plates to assist portion control) and they eat everything but the fruit and veggie.

I make the boys try a little of everything but it feels like I'm training them to be the next Fear Factor champions. They can choke down anything (and you'd think it really was frog eyeballs) but that's not teaching them to eat healthy.

Can anyone help me? Any tricks you can think of? Jill, we are on for next week...the time has come.


Janna said...

Well, here's my suggestion... have your boys eat with Aleah. She only eats the fruits and vegetables and WON'T eat any meats. So, between them.... an entire plate will get finished :) ha ha! So, Don always plays a game with them... "Who can eat something that starts with the letter C? (carrots) OR he says, "Close your eyes while daddy eats something..... and then you have to eat what you think that I ate?" And they have to keep taking bites of everything until they get it right. He always has to make a game out of everything! So, make WILLIE eat the carrots and have the boys try to eat what he eats! :) Beat them at their own game Nat! I know you can do it :) Good luck!!!

Danielle said...

Okay I have the answer to all of your problems!! Justin is the same way. Green and orange are not his colors. Anyway I bought the cookbook called deceptively delicious by Jessica Seinfield and it has all of these recipes that you sneak veggies into their foods. The best part is the foods acutally taste better with the veggies in them. You also serve a vegetable with every meal and they have to have at least 3 bites! The cookbook is great and you can find it at Costco!

angie said...
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angie said...

for not exercising and not being TOO careful how you look fabulous!! lucky girl. i work out 5 times a week and watch what i eat (most of the time) and i still have about 50 lbs to loose. again...lucky girl also, your kids will come around. i think they just like to be in control of something, and not eating their vegetables probably makes them feel they're in control!! i have the deceptively delicious cookbook too, and it is awesome. kids idolize their dads so much...which is actually pretty annoying, especially when dad isn't filling up on the healthy stuff. derek gags down dinner whether he likes it or not because he knows the girls won't eat it if he doesn't. you've got to get willie on your side!!!