Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree!

I just love Christmas trees. The look, the lights, the smell...ah, that SMELL. I could have just walked around that lot sniffing all night!

Willie does not understand the technique and work that is required when selecting a Christmas tree. He has learned (the hard way I'm afraid) that we don't just grab the first one we see. This is a true ceremony.

I like the Nobles but it can't be too bushy or the ornaments won't hang properly, but then again it can't be too sparse. I was explaining this to the teenager helping us scour the lot and he said, "So you want something between Christmas Vacation and Charlie Brown?" EXACTLY!No, this is not our tree. We are just posing by one they had set up at the lot..This is the tree that called my name and here are the guys trimming it up. Josh got to keep the circle they cut off the bottom and he was thrilled.
Jacob has become Willie's right-hand helper man and here he is keeping the tree stand steady while Will hammers it in place.The stand was on, the tree made it into the house, it now had to be set free from the net. Once again Willie's helpers were standing by. I just love how eager they are.

In real life we took a pause here because it was bedtime and we resumed a couple of days later with the decorating...

First the lights went on. Patiently Willie taught the boys what to do and tried his best to make it look good with their help.Nathan's role was playing happily in the empty lights box, which truly was a HUGE contribution.Both boys worked hard at hanging the ornaments just right. I love the looks of intense concentration.
They took their jobs seriously and would stand back and admire their work from time to time.
Of course the decorations were all hung in the front and only made it about three feet high, but that's life when your tree is decorated by little people!Don't tell the boys, but Willie and I stayed up late the next night and added the breakables and moved everything up a bit.

I can't even count how many times we cracked our heads on the chandelier. We just kept laughing at each other and forgetting and doing it again. I seriously almost passed out on the last swift blow to the back of my head.

Here's Willie with the finishing touch...the star on the top. Merry Christmas and hooray for Christmas trees!

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