Thursday, December 20, 2007

Preschool Christmas Program

Jacob's preschool had a Christmas program today. (I love the hats his teacher made for them!) They sang songs, recited a poem, helped their teacher read a story, and gave us the CUTEST gifts! No, Josh does not go to preschool, but he decided to grace us all with a surprise performance. Oh my, what a boy.

Josh wants to be just like his big brother...and he was. He stood right up there through the whole thing, even sang a song.

I tried to get him to sit by me but he refused, and I knew he wasn't budging without a fight. So instead of ruining the program by Josh screaming through the entire thing, I let him ruin it by joining in on the whole thing.

I'm so sorry, Shelley. At least we know he's more than ready for next year! Here are the boys of the class. Jake, Sam, Ben, and Will. They are a great group of buddies. Here are the girls of the class, oh yes, and Joshua. Like I mentioned, he was not to be left out. I was able to physically restrain him during the boy picture but he broke loose on this one. Let's just pretend we only see Anna, Gabbi, Mya, and Lexi.

My neighbor, Jenny, was so great to let me borrow her video camera (ours broke) so I could capture every precious moment, especially since Willie couldn't make it. However, when I got home I had a whole lot of nothing on the tape. (I'm still not sure what I did wrong.) SO, Jacob (and his adorable shadow named Joshua) gave encore performances when we got home.


Kelly said...

Cute! What a fun teacher to make them all those darling matchy hats and to have them do a Christmas program! And what a little personaliy your Josh has- that's hilarious!
Hey- I just replied to your comment on my blog about the sidebar slideshow, so go look there. I probably should have replied here. . . sorry. :)

gtninlv said...

It looks like the Christmas program was really nice! The hats are darling! I'll bet Jake & Josh performed nicely. I hope both boys will do a repeat performance for all of us when you come to visit.