Thursday, January 17, 2008

Blog Hog

Jacob figured out how to make movies with his camera and wanted me to post those on the blog. I told him he needed to get his own blog...SO the blog hog got his own blog today. For some reason we can't get his movies to work. Any suggestions?

This truly is his own thing. He wanted it to be blue and would have nothing to do with a creative title. He wanted to call it "Jacob's Blog." He tells me what to type (VERY slowly, which cracks me up...I type transcriptions for crying out loud!) and he types his name at the end.

Yesterday he came downstairs looking like this (yes, those are my glasses and Will's hat!)He said his name was Scooter and proceeded to tell me he dropped his name in a big hole and couldn't get it out, so he had to buy a new one and he chose Scooter. He told me he wished I had named him Scooter when he was a baby instead of Jacob. (He kind of looks like a Scooter with my dorky glasses on. Sorry to anyone named Scooter.)

Poor Joshua is still sick. He hasn't thrown up anymore (thank goodness) but he just lies around all lethargic and has no desire to eat...certainly not my usual Joshua! I hope he'll be back to himself soon and that no one else catches his bug!


gtninlv said...

Where in the world does Jacob come up with his wild ideas and names? Scooter, Espalito, Paco.....What a boy!

Danielle said...

Once again, your boys are darling!! Can you guys move to Indy and live next door? I am sure Jacob and Allie would entertain each other for hours!!

Kelly said...

What a cutie that Jacob is. . . or Scooter. I love that personality.

Ok, you were in my dream last night! Apparently you were a hair dresser, so I was coming to your house for you to cut my hair. You're house was HUGE and you had a whole salon in the basement. There were tons of people there too. And while you were cutting my hair your boys would come down and perform little songs they had written for you- it was really cute, and funny. It was especially funny because I've met Willie once and have never actually met your boys, but they were all in my dream, just because of this blog! Crazy! Isn't the blogging world great? I wish I could just pop over to your house so you could do my hair! Oh, Teresa and Kirsten were both there too- just to reminisce.

Cynthia said...

Oh my gosh Jacob looks so cute. he really does look like a scooter. Give Joshua big kisses and hugs from Las Vegas I hope he feels better really soon!

Olivia said...

I love the Scooter story. Aren't kids so creative. And I agree he really does fit the name with those accessories. Super cute! I'm looking forward to having my own boys to entertain me.

Bybees said...

jacob.. . .excuse me, Scooter, looks like a little director with his hat and glasses. He is a crack-up!