Wednesday, January 9, 2008


The last time it snowed I was on the hunt for a good sledding spot. (Something the boys could handle on their own and something close.) The perfect location...the front yard across the street. Luckily we have great neighbors (Jenny, Xavier, and Kai are especially my favorites) and they agreed to let us sled at their place with the next snow.

Here's Will hauling the boys across the street in the sleds.Jake was the first one down! Wheeeee!Here is Josh enjoying the moment as he got to the bottom of the hill.Kai had a good run too!And as if we were going to let the kids have all the's Will!And me!Xavier was tricky and went down like Superman.Jenny totally would have been sledding too but since she's recovering from surgery and all...probably not the best idea. Instead she made us YUMMY hot chocolate!

Thanks neighbors for letting us sled in your front yard!


gtninlv said...

Looks like fun!!!

Duke, Kathryn, & Seamus said...

Wow! You guys look like professionals! Ready for the big hills!!!

Olivia said...

I can't belive all that snow. It looks like so much fun. Maybe next year we will get a chance to visit the snow too!! I had to laugh about your goal to do a load of laundry every day. I'm sure you have alot of laundry with 3 boys. I'm looking forward to the increase in laundry once the twins arrive. You'll have to email me your address so I can send you an announcement!!!

Nat Lud said...

Awesome pics! I have yet to take my kiddlies sledding this winter. Yup, we are snow watchers this year!