Sunday, February 3, 2008

"Peter Pan"

(Promise me you're reading this with a snobby British accent) I took my two eldest boys to the theatre for a matinee of “Peter Pan” one lovely Saturday afternoon. All spit-spot and ready for our outing!I am bound and determined to get a bit of culture into these rowdy boys, so my friend Jenny and I decided a musical downtown was a must! (We used our Christmas money and bought the tickets online while talking to each other so we'd be sure to get seats together!) They watched wide-eyed as Peter (played by a girl…but they didn’t seem to notice/mind) flew across the stage.When intermission time rolled around...the boys tried flying in the aisles.If only Tinkerbelle had given them a bit of pixie dust!
The boys watched the pirates in awe and saved Tinkerbelle with their clapping. And Peter Pan even taught them how to crow!It was a fun play for the boys and they seemed to take it in with a sense of wonder.And when it was all said and done, Jacob loudly announced that he liked the movie better.


gtninlv said...

Looks like a delightful outing!

Kelly said...

You are a brave- and FUN- Momma! What a great adventure!

Lindsay said...

Over the summer, my mom bought tickets for Cinderella at Tuacahn, and Cohen loved watching the fairy godmother fly in the air. Like Jacob, he said he liked the movie better, and he kept asking for the mice to come out singing. I guess we say we tried to get a little bit of culture into our rowdy boys.