Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Jacob shared this with us for President's Day. Try to ignore the flag waver, fussy baby, and runny nose. (And pause the music!)

I enjoy the “You may be seated” at the end. Jake says he knows that’s not part of the pledge but he just likes to say it because that's how they do it at school. Man, I love that boy.


Kelly said...

Oh, how adorable is that? Seriously, I'm sitting here grinning at the computer, so proud of him! And I'm not even his mom. Heck, I've never met the kid in person! :) I especially love his eyes looking all around as he remembers what to say next. That's just darling. I love it!

Tom & Rachel said...

"you may be seated"?!?! That literally made me laugh out loud. So cute! What a little smary pants.

gtninlv said...


The Kahumokus said...

"Rachel, I am NOT Mr. Smarty Pants. I am a smart KID."- Jacob

(Sorry Rachel, I read the comments to him and he needed to make this clear.)

Cynthia said...

Way to go Jacob! You did great Uncle Chris and Brooklyn listened to it and were very impressed!

angie said...

aren't kids the best?! and just a side note...i usually have my comp on mute, but obviously i had to turn up the volume to watch the i finally heard the music you have on your blog too. i just have to give you props...i'm in love with jack johnson right now. good choice!

and now i have a favor...would you mind passing my email address on to olivia? she needs to invite me to her blog, but i have no other way to give her my address. anyway, it's
thanks a bunch, and i love your blog!