Saturday, February 2, 2008

Wonka Update

I just received word from the Oompa Loompas that they are having a hard time getting the chocolate bars shipped out! They're missing a few addresses.Angie O., Tori A., JoAnna A., and Wendy S....please e-mail your mailing address to so the Wonka Bars (and one golden ticket!) can be on their way.Be watching your mail and REMEMBER if you are the winner of the golden ticket, be sure to (1) post a picture of yourself and the winning ticket on your blog (or e-mail the picture to me) and (2) leave a comment back here so I know who won!!!I don't know who the lucky winner will be either and I can't wait to find out! Willy Wonka said it best, "The suspense is terrible...I hope it will last!"

1 comment:

traske.melissa said...

sorry i missed out on all the fun..i am not the winner but hopefully you will hear soon. great idea!