Sunday, June 29, 2008

Indepence Day Fun

After my little experience at Old Navy (and the talks in sacrament meeting today), I am determined to teach my children the importance of our country and its history. We are going to have a fun-filled week centering around independence.

I LOVE the Sugar Doodle site and there are some fabulous week-long lesson plans that can even be adapted for little children. I found some fun ideas here that we are going to try this week. Wish us luck!


Tom & Rachel said...

You're such a good mom. I should probably do some of those activities for myself. :) And I love the Old Navy story. So funny. How sad it might have been if you weren't there to answer.

Emily said...

Sounds like a great plan to me!

Your old navy run sounds divine, I wish I could have been there. Our old navy is so tiny, I hate it.

Husband and Father said...

Your Independence activities were a hit with the boys.

hoLLy said...

sugar doodle is da bomb!