Friday, September 19, 2008

Keep Moving Forward!

So bad things have happened to my computer that I'd rather not talk about. Looking on the positive side (my computer was half working) I'm actually very glad for this blog! At least I have these pictures. Perhaps I'll have to blog more to be sure every detail is documented.

BUT one new hard drive later and I'm up and going and moving forward. Let's just pick up where I left off. We can all pretend there isn't a month's gap, right? Need a refresher of where we're picking up? THE CRUISE. (If you've already had enough, just close it now.)The day we went to Mazatlan a large group of our family took a tour of the city. So large was our group that we got our own bus.

All the cool kids sat in the back...just like junior high all over again. Look at this wonderful man I married, an inventor and multitasker! Seat belts and car seats weren't included so Willie came up with his own safety device. Restrain with one arm, read with the other...Sometimes I wish I had an older child to help me. My cousin, Tessa, was so good to Nathan! And Nathan loved the attention!The babies on this bus didn't say "wah-wah-wah"...this baby (my sister's youngest) just smiled...
And this baby slept.Our first stop of the tour was at a place I don't know the name of. I'm a great traveler and highly educated in history and landmarks. I do remember the tour guide telling us this rock (the one out in the water) was white because it was covered in bird poop. Mostly I was trying not to freak out at the thought of my boys going over into the water and landing in the jagged rocks and white waves below. These little concrete walls just weren't doing the trick for me.Doesn't he look eager to take a plunge? I love our family picture. (Ha!) Luckily Will and I know how to look at a camera. My parents and Scott know how to smile nicely for a picture too. This was Scott's last adventure before he left on his mission to Minnesota. Looking back on these pictures, it cracks me up that we are all still wearing our stickers that say what group we're in.Willie and Nathan with the rocks and waves (and tour guide) in the background. Two brothers seeing the sights of Mexico. And yes, I did get them safely back onto the bus without either of them taking a swim. Stop number two was a beautiful Catholic church. Again, no names, just memories of the amazing architecture and decor. Quite different from a Mormon chapel, I must say.Can you guess who helped fund some of the church? HINT: That Star of David in the windows isn't a Catholic symbol.Anyway, the sculptures were cool and I loved seeing it all.A lot of the artwork focused on the death of Christ. There was even a glass box with a statue of Christ dead with a crown of thorns. Josh and I really checked that one out. Interesting, very different, and beautiful all at once.Josh checking out the sights across from the church. Curious little boy indeed!
Then we were off to see some cliff divers. The entire time we were there people were trying to sell us things. I did end up buying two kite-flying things for the boys (which got tangled before we were ever able to use them) and a wooden buffalo statue. It must have been a good deal because they all told me, "It's almost free." (Ha! Come couponing with me and I'll show you free.)Wheeeeeeeee!He even made it out alive. I bet Willie could do that, no problem.We had lunch at a resort and then spent the rest of the day on the beach. The boys were cracking me up with their dancing. They totally went up on the stage and showed off their moves!Go Jakey, go!!Wave jumping, the ultimate in extreme sports. The water was so warm (which would usually make me nervous...but we're talking ocean here) it felt awesome. We looked for shells and jumped in the waves. Josh officially declared he does not like salty water (after getting a mouthful) but it didn't stop him from splashing around with his brothers in the waves!Willie stayed and had extra time at the beach while I took the boys back. I know I have more beach pictures but they're on a CD somewhere, not so sure where. (At least if my computer blows up tonight I know they're safe.)Here are Cynthia and her family in a little taxi we took back to the ship. Isn't it cute?They took the first taxi while we sat (and rocked) and waited...ACTUALLY my Dad took the two big boys and my Mom and I took Nathan in an air-conditioned car. I thought we were all going to die right then and there in the streets of Mazatlan, Mexico. There didn't seem to be a lot of traffic law following going on. I was nervous to say the least. But we made it and we're here to tell the tale!
I know I'm a bit back logged on the blog. I'm positive that slowly but surely I'll be able to make my way through it all and get current. No worries, just about ten more cruise posts to go. Kidding, but really I do have a LOT of pictures!


Duke, Kathryn, & Seamus said...

I'm really sorry about your computer!! I went and backed everything up on mine after I read your last post. I love the pics of Mazatlan! I even rode in one of those Taxi's. I know what you mean about fearing for your life on the roads!!!! I'm so jealous of your lilac tree! That will be so lovely when it blooms! I hope it blooms next spring too! Yes I did cut my hair. Thanks, I didn't really like it but it's growing out so it's getting better.

hoLLy said...

i'm so so sorry about your computer! thats terrible. we had a scare last year where our computer crashed. i thought for a few days that so much was lost and i just felt sick about it. somehow joey recovered it- it was a miracle. i do know how it feels to lose important memories though. we lost our video camera that had a tape full of several months of our lives(including aubrey's 3rd birthday) on it. it still upsets me! just think, someday we'll have a "bright recollection" of everything, right? i figure our minds will have every memory fresh in it. no need for pictures!

JG said...

If you had to start your family album all over again, wouldn't Disney be the best place to do it? Thank goodness these pictures hadn't made it off the camera yet!! As always, thanks for entertaining me with your wit and my favorite favorite favorite part of your blog is still the quotes from your boys. Enjoy your week. jg.