Thursday, September 25, 2008

Puerto Vallarta

This is the last cruise post...PROMISE. (You do understand that this was the best vacation I've ever had and most likely ever will, right?)

This was probably my favorite part of the cruise. We went to a resort in Puerto Vallarta. It had a swimming pool with a great big alligator slide!Complete with a rope bridge to cross!It was also beach front, so the favorite activity of the day was riding the body boards!Josh was a little more timid than Jake but Willie was good to take each boy out and help them ride the waves. And ride they did!Jacob actually got really good.It was funny to see such a little body holding on for dear life.That's him on the bottom right. He'd ride all the way in. Soon a little crowd was watching and clapping for him.
It was LOTS of fun to hang out and play with our big boys. (Yes, we left Nathan on the ship this time around.)Such a beautiful place and such a wonderful memory. (I'm wishing I was there right now!)


Duke, Kathryn, & Seamus said...

What a fun slide!! I love the rope bridge! Good job Jake! You're a pro boogie boarder! And Nat, don't feel bad about all the cruise posts! They're awesome!

Jenglamgirl said...

loved all the vaca pics. GLAD you all had a A GREAT TIME!

Olivia said...

Looks like such a fun trip. I'm jealous. I think about you loosing all your pictures all the time and it makes me so sad. You'll just have to make tons of new memories from this point forward.