Wednesday, September 24, 2008


There were Disney characters all over the place on the ship. It was fun to see them and see how excited the kids would get when we saw them.The boys weren't so into the princesses...except Jake has always had a place in his heart for Wendy. He is simply smitten!Check out the look on his face when he scores a hug! He looks almost as happy as Grandma does with Jack Sparrow!The boys with Jack Sparrow...Us with Captain Mickey on pirate night. Arrrgh!
The morning we had breakfast with all the characters, the boys were quite characters themselves.

Josh informed me when we got home that he never saw Captain Hook on the cruise. When I told him I'd spotted him while they were in the kids' club...he cried. I really couldn't believe it...these boys are characters indeed.


Duke, Kathryn, & Seamus said...

The boys are so cute!! I love the pictures with the caracters! :-)

Just Too Swift said...

I love these pictures! You can tell this was a trip of a lifetime. Wish it would fit in my lifetime! :o)