Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Trunk or Treat!

Our ward had a trunk-or-treat last week and like always, we had lots of fun and lots of sugar! The boys got a kick out of wearing makeup ("makeup for boys, right, Mom?") and it was rather fun painting up their faces. May I introduce you to my little skeletons:Kai (a.k.a. Buzz Lightyear) and Jenny joined us in the fun and after we had eaten chilli and all the boys had won at the cake walk, we ventured out to the cars to get the CANDY! The boys sat in the back of the truck and chowed down while Willie and I finished up our bean bag toss game. Jake saved his candy until we got home and then asked, "Now can I eat my junk?" They are pretty excited for Friday!
I love how much makeup Nathan managed to rub off his face! We will not be painting faces the night of Halloween. I have given in to letting the boys wear their masks. Josh had an allergic reaction to the makeup and his face was puffy and red Sunday for the primary program!


Cynthia said...

Yeah for blog updates! WOW those are SCARY skeletons!!!

Just Too Swift said...

I agree with Cynthia--"Yeah for blog updates!" I've missed seeing pictures of those cute kids! You did a great job on their make-up--love it!

Katie said...

I enjoyed catching up with everything you guys have been up to. Your skeleton boys are pretty convincing- nice work with the make-up!

Jenglamgirl said...

Hey there stranger! cute halloween costumes you did good on the face painting! I wouldn't mind snow if it came once in a blue moon! but all the time NAH!

P.S. my blog is private now so you will have to email me at and leave your email so I can send you a blog invite. Take care. Jenn