Monday, November 3, 2008

First Pumpkin Carvin'

Halloween was really fun with Nathan this year. It was all so new and exciting for him. Pumpkins were one of his favorite things about this holiday! He called them "balls" and enjoyed throwing them around. This pumpkin didn't have a stem for long once he hurled it off his highchair.I was trying to coax him on touching the pumpkin guts. He wasn't so sure...I helped him gain a little courage by forcing, I mean guiding, his hand into the pumpkin...Once I got his hand in that pumpkin and wiggled it around a bit...Nathan's first pumpkin-carving masterpiece.
Here are the old pros with their pumpkins.These big boys have years of experience in pumpkin carving!Our three little pumpkins! (Only Jake's pumpkin ended up with a stem. Poor Josh's pumpkin also suffered the wrath of Nathan.)


Kelly M said...

Great jack-o-lanterns! I was starting to feel like we are the only people left to actually design and carve traditional faces on pumpkins- it seems like everyone is into following patterns and making "scenes" and stuff on their pumpkins instead. I like it like this!

Grandma Nelson said...

Wow! You boys are GREAT pumpkin carvers! We didn't have jack-o-lanterns at our house this year. Thanks for sharing yours:)