Saturday, November 22, 2008

Working Out Back

Another "draft" post.

Everyone pitched in to help get the backyard done. Jake and Josh were hard workers! (I promise no child labor laws were broken.)

Be still my heart...Josh looks like he was born to farm!Nathan found a rain puddle and happily splashed away.Pretty much if he was happy and out of the way, he got to do whatever he wanted.Will on his archaeological dig.Josh helped pound while Will leveled.Jake measured to make sure that it was up to specs. Lucky for us our friends came to help. (Hopefully it wasn't just because you're the elder's quorum president!) While the boys got the planters settled...The girls laid the weed barrier for the wood chips.
Josh needed a little rest after such hard work!Jakes decided that since he's checked bike riding off his to-do list, next up is the monkey bars. It's not such a hard fall now with the wood chips in.BEFORE:
AFTER:I'm thrilled Will built these planters for me! I can't wait to see if anything grows...

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