Thursday, August 13, 2009

Nelson Family Reunion

Poor Jake only had two weeks between kindergarten and first grade! Luckily he didn't know any different or care...but I only had two weeks to shove in an entire summer. We headed to Vegas. First item on our agenda was the Nelson family reunion, which means from Vegas we quickly headed to St. George.The boys had fun "surfing" and swimming. We LOVE the water.Nathan practiced his swimming skills. He's good at "swimming" to me under the water and kicking his little legs.Here are Jake and Jason (my brother), both looking mighty fine!Josh was excited to see his cousins. He loves babies! Here he is patting Hailey's (my sister Cynthia's daughter) cheeks. Another cousin-lover is Brooklyn (Cynthia's daughter). Judging from his smile, Nathan didn't seem to mind!The three pregnant girls of the family (Cynthia, me, and Leslie) were showered with gifts and games. It was fun to visit with the ladies of the family while the men watched the kids.Here are the granddaughters that were there with Grandma Nelson. It was so good to see everyone!

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