Saturday, August 8, 2009

Preggy Post

This image pretty much sums up my pregnancy. NO makeup, wet hair, chilling in my swimming suit, and very happy as long as I have food. I have no shame to my game. (Thanks for this glamorous picture, Mom, I think I'll have it framed.)I've been keeping busy and cool this summer by teaching swimming lessons. I don't have great pictures of the swimming lessons because I was in the water too. But here are some my mom took when she came to visit.
Joshua is pulling me to safety from the side. Always remember, "Reach or throw, don't go!" The first time I asked him to help me he just stood up and reached out his hand. I yanked him right into the water. Notice how he's stable on his stomach this time? He's a quick learner.
I taught three two-week sessions with three classes each session at a friend's house. It was so fun and it felt so good to be in the water. Best of boys can swim! Josh definitely got the best end of the deal. Nathan only got one session of lessons and Jacob only got three classes! (Blasted year-round school...)So now Joshua is the best swimmer of the three (much to Jake's dismay) and he is QUITE the fish. He can float. He can glide. And by golly, that boy can swim! I am so proud of him.

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Nat Lud said...

I love it! What better way to spend a prego summer than in the water! You look great!