Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Happy Fall!

Uncle Grant and Aunt Pam called to say they had pumpkins in the garden that were ready for picking! It was a very good thing since our pumpkins didn't grow AT ALL this year.
They each got to select their pumpkin and Uncle Grant cut it off the vine. Doesn't Jake look pleased?Josh had a hard time lifting his. I couldn't believe how big these pumpkins were for being home grown! Nathan needed help to carry his pumpkin. He loves his pumpkin and checks on it every day.Thanks Uncle Grant and Aunt Pam for being pumpkin lifesavers!Peter got a pumpkin too. Just his size!


Cynthia said...

That looks so fun, your boys got some good pumpkins. Peter is looking so handsome these days!

Olivia said...

Don't you just love the fall. There is something about pumpkins that just make me smile. I love how they were home grown. You're boys are so cute. And I just want to kiss Peter's baby cheeks. So adorable.

Grandma Nelson said...

He really is a "GREAT" uncle:)