Friday, September 24, 2010

Did I Ever Mention...

that Jake played baseball? Well, he did.It was his first time playing and he improved A LOT throughout the season. He was actually a pretty consistent hitter. At one point in the season his coach pulled me aside and told me he led the team in hits, which made me smile. I guess his one-man hitting practices out in the backyard paid off.He played outfield most of the time ...but took his turn at catcher every once in awhile too. He was great to watch. So new at the game, so much to learn.One night after a game he told me that when I cheered for him so loud (yeah, I'm one of those moms) it made him nervous. He asked me if I would stop yelling his name when he got up to bat.I was feeling a little sad thinking that my boy was already embarrassed by me at the tender age of 7. I was relieved when Jake suggested, "Maybe you could sing 'Take Me Out to the Ballgame' instead!" So the next game when Jacob got up to bat, I sang 'Take Me Out to the Ballgame' to the best of my ability. Sure everyone probably thought I was drunk - but Jake enjoyed it. He asked me to sing louder next time. Later in the season he asked if I could get a trumpet and play "Da da da dadada...CHARGE!" That's my boy.Over the summer we decided to play this game where we would keep track of how many times we could throw the baseball back and forth without dropping it. We named the game "record." Record was one of the chores on his summer chore list. The first time we played, our record was SIX. We threw the ball back and forth for a good hour and the highest we could get to was SIX! We practiced every day this summer and our current standing record is 103. There's lots of room to improve when you're learning something new!Best of all. He got a trophy at the end. Jacob is already looking forward to next season. I think Josh will get to be on the same team as Jake...and we'll get to learn baseball all over again.

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