Saturday, March 26, 2011

It's SOO Great...Jacob's 8!

Well, Jacob's not officially eight until tomorrow but we celebrated today! Jacob originally wanted to have a "Jesus party" (I kid you not) because now that he's 8 he can be baptized.

After a little coaxing we decided on a Knight-themed party. The shields were ready to be decorated. The goblets were ready to be fancified.The catapults were ready to be fired.The dragon was ready for beheading.The party guests arrived and got straight to work on their shields. They all did a great job! Once they were done decorating, Willie taught them how to properly use their weaponry.
After they had demonstrated skillful shield motions, each knight was given a sword. Watch out! I was on glue-gun patrol to fix busted shield handles.

Once hand-to-hand combat was completed, it was marshmallow catapult time.
Inside they tried to aim for the shield cutouts. (Isn't my Nene getting big? He'll be 4 on Friday!)Outside they tried to aim for Willie, I mean practice distance.The pinata was demolished once it fell to the ground and was beat with the bat. Why are they always so hard to get open?(Baseball season is firing up...and these two brothers are on the same team!)It was all worth it in the end!We royally feasted on cake and ice cream. (Petey ate the tail! This was no Pete's Dragon...) Jacob's favorite part (so he says) was the opening of the gifts. Here he is opening his new underwear! He sarcastically said, "Thanks, just what I always wanted." Everybody thought Jake's underwear was cool. Especially his brothers!I can't believe my baby is eight. My boys are all growing up too fast. It makes me feel old to have an eight-year-old but I am pleased with the choices he is making. I am grateful he has such a good group of friends and we are all anxiously awaiting May 7th...when he'll be baptized.


Rachel B. said...

This is awesome, and such a cute post! What a fun mom you are. I'm so impressed with all the fun ideas. I would be lying though if I said I wouldn't be interested in seeing how you would pull off a Jesus party. ;)

Rene said...

I'm love ur post!! What a wonderful, fun party!!!

My name is Rene Haunani grandpa is Willie Kahumoku and my father's name is Isaac. Are u uncle Mervin and aunty Nellie's ohana? My father is uncle Mervin's younger brother...Aloha!!