Friday, January 10, 2014

The Blessing of the Roast

 {The Kahumoku Kids: Jacob (10), Joshua (9), Nathan (6), Peter (4), and Lucy (almost 2)}
We had an unusual blessing at the grocery store this week that needs to be recorded, but first...a little back story.

Willie has recently been called as the 1st counselor in the Bishopric.  I am trying my best to lean on him less (he helps me out a TON) so that he'll be able to do his work and church jobs without the headache of working for me too.
(Willie posing with the turkey he deep fried for Thanksgiving 2013.  He totally rocked it!)

So, Tuesday (the last day of the sale) when Willie told me he couldn't stop by Smith's after work, I mustered up my strength and took the whole crew grocery shopping.  We have a grand 'ole time when we're all out together, but it's a lot faster and easier when I'm by myself, or only have a couple kids, or when Willie does it for me!

We meandered through the store looking for the things on our list.  Josh was pushing Lu in the basket and the boys were following behind.  I have to admit, my children are very good shoppers.  Maybe because they've had a lot of practice?

While we were in the produce section of the store, a store clerk approached me and said, "Excuse me."  My mind was racing trying to think of what my kids had done wrong or what the problem could possibly be.  She continued, "This is an unusual situation, but a customer that just checked out purchased this and asked me to give it to you."

She tells me, "She said to look for a woman with long blonde hair and five very well-behaved children.  I'm pretty sure I have the right person."  She smiled and handed me a grocery bag with a big fat roast. 

I started tearing up right then and there by the bananas.  The clerk said, "She asked to remain anonymous.  The receipt is in the bag.  I guess this is a good lesson for your children about being so good!" 

It was so touching........after I got over myself wondering, "Do we look poor?  Do I look like I can't afford to feed my children?"  I quickly decided that wasn't the case (I had showered and we were all decently dressed!) and determined to be grateful and accept this generous and kind gift without questioning the why.

Josh helped me laugh and get myself pulled together through the tears when he said, "Guys!  Let's keep being good...maybe it will be Oreos next time!!"

I was so moved by the kindness of a stranger.  We called Willie and told him our exciting story.  He told us it was a blessing of tithing.  As I got to thinking about it, I could see that, but I could also see it as a blessing of him serving in his calling.  We wouldn't have even been in the store had he not had church meetings after work.  He would have just stopped in and picked up what I needed.

I am grateful for my children and not just because they won me a free hunk of meat.  They make me laugh constantly.  Each one of them is such a blessing.
(Our kids outside the Reno Temple.)
Now we want to pay it forward.  We have been thinking of ideas of kind things that we can do for others.  I doubt that the woman who kindly bought us a roast will ever know the wonderful affect it has had on me and especially the kids.  What an amazing way to learn a valuable lesson.  We will never forget the blessing of the roast!

Halloween 2012

Monday, November 5, 2012

HAPPY October!

This little lady is one of the many reasons I don't get much blogging done.  Oh we love her so!  She lights up our home with her smiles, and I never would have guessed how much I truly enjoy having a daughter.  I can't believe how quickly she is growing!
I was able to go on a field trip to the pumpkin patch with Nathan's kindergarten class earlier this October.  Nathan checking out the animals at the pumpkin patch.
Nathan found the PERFECT pumpkin...after looking at each one in the patch and taking his sweet time in choosing.  The beauty of it all was we weren't in any rush.  Just him and me strolling along until he found the one just right for him.
 We love the Andelin Pumpkin Patch! So many activities and things to do!  Love my little outlaw.
 Nathan posing with his class. He looks so innocent...
until you see him tossing hay in the very next shot. That's my Nene.  His mischievious ways make me smile.
We rode the bus together and he was thrilled.  I loved having some one-on-one time with my Nathan. 

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

It's a GIRL!

INTRODUCING...Lucy Kanani KahumokuJanuary 19th, 2012

7 pounds 15 ounces

20 1/2 inches

Wille and I left early in the morning to be at the hospital at 6:00 a.m. for my induction. My doctor induced me at 39 weeks since Peter was on the big side. We were aiming for an 8 pounder, can't get much closer!

One of the beauties of being induced is the ability to plan. Willie took the day off of work and my mom flew in the night before. She stayed with the kids that morning and got the two big boys off to school and the younger two to a friend's house.

I was dilated to a three when I checked in and I was ready to go! Apparently not everyone shared my enthusiasm. My doctor called to say she would be by the hospital around noon to break my water. Noon?! We sat and waited and watched HGTV home decorating shows.I wasn't feeling anything but got my epidural early. I kept thinking how crazy it was that I wasn't even uncomfortable but getting an epidural. I worried I wouldn't know if it was working because I wasn't feeling anything to start with!

It was a rough epidural. For some reason she was having a hard time getting it in right? Not to mention she was talking politics the entire time and praising Obama. Pure torture. I knew Willie would be chomping at the bit but I kept praying that he'd keep his mouth shut while she had a huge needle in my back. My blood pressure dropped once the epidural was in and I got to have oxygen. Fun times! (and it messed up my hair...) but it was completely smooth sailing after all that drama.

I suppose the epidural was working because I didn't feel a thing the entire time. Just a few pushes and our beautiful baby daughter was born. The cord was wrapped around her neck THREE times but after a quick snip, she was hollering and fine. They handed her right to me and I was overcome with emotion. A sweet baby girl to love!
She got some oxygen while she was being cleaned up. She was alert and so awake after she was born. It was amazing to see her looking around wide-eyed. Lucy ties Nathan for smallest baby weight. Only 7 pounds 15 ounces. PERFECT size!She looked right at me when I would talk to her and see that tongue? She caught on quickly with the feeding too.Can you believe I have a daughter?!Willie and I were both smitten at first sight. A happy mama and her baby girl. Right after she was born Willie said, "It really is a girl!"Willie is such a good father. I think she already has him wrapped around her finger...

I'm grateful my mom was able to be with us to welcome our newest member of the family. I thought a lot about my Grandma Truman (who passed away in November) as I held my fresh-from-heaven baby. It was bitter-sweet remembering how much Grandma loved the babies and would always help me after they were born.We counted fingers and toes, just taking in the wonder that a newborn baby is. She has dark hair and beautiful dark skin. I think she is by far our darkest baby.
Kathy brought the boys to the hospital and they were excited to see their little sister. She is such a blessing to our home. Jacob (8), Joshua (7), Nathan (4), and Peter (2) love "Little Lu" so much!My mom was able to stay a few days (although it's never long enough) and care for the boys (movies, eating out, See's candy). I will never forget coming home from the hospital with my new pink bundle and seeing a stork balloon tied to the fire hydrant out front going nuts in the wind and snow.My little lady has already grown so much. (Why do they have to do that?)So, I am trying my best to soak in every moment and enjoy all the pink and lace and beauty that come with a little baby girl.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

It's SOO Great...Jacob's 8!

Well, Jacob's not officially eight until tomorrow but we celebrated today! Jacob originally wanted to have a "Jesus party" (I kid you not) because now that he's 8 he can be baptized.

After a little coaxing we decided on a Knight-themed party. The shields were ready to be decorated. The goblets were ready to be fancified.The catapults were ready to be fired.The dragon was ready for beheading.The party guests arrived and got straight to work on their shields. They all did a great job! Once they were done decorating, Willie taught them how to properly use their weaponry.
After they had demonstrated skillful shield motions, each knight was given a sword. Watch out! I was on glue-gun patrol to fix busted shield handles.

Once hand-to-hand combat was completed, it was marshmallow catapult time.
Inside they tried to aim for the shield cutouts. (Isn't my Nene getting big? He'll be 4 on Friday!)Outside they tried to aim for Willie, I mean practice distance.The pinata was demolished once it fell to the ground and was beat with the bat. Why are they always so hard to get open?(Baseball season is firing up...and these two brothers are on the same team!)It was all worth it in the end!We royally feasted on cake and ice cream. (Petey ate the tail! This was no Pete's Dragon...) Jacob's favorite part (so he says) was the opening of the gifts. Here he is opening his new underwear! He sarcastically said, "Thanks, just what I always wanted." Everybody thought Jake's underwear was cool. Especially his brothers!I can't believe my baby is eight. My boys are all growing up too fast. It makes me feel old to have an eight-year-old but I am pleased with the choices he is making. I am grateful he has such a good group of friends and we are all anxiously awaiting May 7th...when he'll be baptized.