Friday, October 31, 2008


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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Trunk or Treat!

Our ward had a trunk-or-treat last week and like always, we had lots of fun and lots of sugar! The boys got a kick out of wearing makeup ("makeup for boys, right, Mom?") and it was rather fun painting up their faces. May I introduce you to my little skeletons:Kai (a.k.a. Buzz Lightyear) and Jenny joined us in the fun and after we had eaten chilli and all the boys had won at the cake walk, we ventured out to the cars to get the CANDY! The boys sat in the back of the truck and chowed down while Willie and I finished up our bean bag toss game. Jake saved his candy until we got home and then asked, "Now can I eat my junk?" They are pretty excited for Friday!
I love how much makeup Nathan managed to rub off his face! We will not be painting faces the night of Halloween. I have given in to letting the boys wear their masks. Josh had an allergic reaction to the makeup and his face was puffy and red Sunday for the primary program!

First Snow of the Year

Snow in October???!!! You've got to be kidding me. I was NOT pleased to be seeing this sight on October 10th!!!!Nathan was content to watch from the sidelines for a while but that didn't last long!The three amigos out in the snow while I watched them play from inside our nice, warm home.Nathan LOVED his first snow adventure and just kept saying his new word proudly, "Snow!"Someone was quite pleased with himself and the snowball he threw at me. I was on the other side of the sliding glass door, so fire away bucko.How can someone be so in love with something so cold? I simply do not understand.

Preschool Days

Jake isn't the only school boy at this house. Josh has started preschool!Five of us moms (and our five sons) started a little co-op preschool. We take turns teaching (so I only teach every five weeks) and it has turned out to be tons of fun! This was Josh's first day, complete with attempted pictures with the brothers.I love how Jake and Josh are such good buddies. They always seem to have a little joke or secret going on that no one else gets.And off another one goes...and yes I cried all over again.

Our FIRST...

First day of school! We officially have a child in kindergarten!Jake started school a week later than the rest of his class due to his unavailability while cruising the Mexican Riviera on a Disney cruise. (Poor thing!) He was EXCITED to go to school.Pictures with the little brothers.Jacob and his teacher, Ms. Isenburg.Jake and a buddy from church that is in his class.He ran right off and started playing. The rest of the family (yes, we all went!) stood by and watched until the bell rang, he lined up with his class (30 students!), and marched right in. He was excited and gave us each (little brothers included) a hug as he passed by and into the building.I admit that I did shed a few tears but I was wearing big sunglasses so I hid it well. I love this boy so much and I simply can't believe how fast he is growing up. I love it and hate it at the same time.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Josh is FOUR

I can't believe my little Joshy is already four years old. We celebrated his birthday on the cruise. (This is technically not a cruise post but is in fact a birthday post.)Joshua was thrilled that we went on a cruise to celebrate his birthday. (Ha!) He didn't quite get that the cruise was for this (Grandma's 75th!) wonderful birthday not his 4th birthday.The room was decorated and a little cake was waiting just for him!I hope this doesn't raise the bar for all of his next birthdays...When they brought out a cake to him, he smiled and took a bite right off the fork needed. He is such a little stinker and I love it.This birthday was full of Star Wars toys (of course) and lots of other wonderful gifts.He was one happy four-year-old! We love you Joshy-Boy...NOW STOP GROWING. I really mean it!!!