Thursday, February 19, 2009


That we're still alive.

Today I gave little Nene's mop a trim. He was too, in his own words, "shaggy."

He bawled and protested the whole time. Don't look closely or you can really tell he wasn't holding still. He is now quite a little man. I both love and hate it. I let Nathan play in the shower to rinse off while I cleaned up the hair. Josh stayed in there with him to keep an eye on things. I could hear Josh saying, "Ne, your hair looks really handsome," and "Nene, you look great with your new haircut!" I just had to smile when I heard such kindness from a big brother.Here is Josh posing with his Darth Mal apple. Willie makes way cooler lunches than I do. Don't be too scared! Yes, Jake is wearing his scripture tote on his head. He came up with this fashion statement during sacrament meeting a couple Sundays ago. I was trying not to laugh and trying to get him to take it off. When I told him it was not polite to wear hats inside of buildings, he told me not to worry because it wasn't a was a wig.

I'd post a picture of myself to prove I'm still alive but then you'd wish we were both dead...You'll have to take the typing as proof.