Sunday, August 31, 2008

Disney Cruise!

Hold on tight, here come the cruise details

We flew into L.A. and received the royal treatment the moment we stepped off the plane. By the time we got to the baggage claim, our luggage was waiting for us...MINUS ONE BAG. Nathan's bag, of course.

The happy Disney people gave stickers to the boys while we waited. It made it all better. I was a little nervous that the bag wouldn't be getting to us before the ship departed but luck was on our side and it shortly arrived to our room.While we were waiting to get on the ship, we met up with Mickey. When Nathan and I walked up for him to meet the famous mouse for the first time, Nathan reached over and honked Mickey's nose.Apparently I thought it was pretty funny. Luckily Mickey did too.We perused the area around the ship and checked it all out.Then the boys danced and danced to the festive band and we anxiously awaited getting on the ship.Dad making his grand entrance! They would announce your family's name and then cheer and welcome you on board.One of the first things we got to do (after stuffing ourselves at the buffet) is try on our stylish life jackets and participate in a drill. The baby suits cracked me up!

Nathan and I waiting out the drill.

Grandpa and Josh comfy in the theater chairs.

Auntie Lizzy and Jake wearing their neon orange attire.

We ate at Lumiere's restaurant the first night. Good 'ol table nine. The servers rotate with you from restaurant to restaurant the entire time of the cruise so they knew what you liked and how you liked it. I really enjoyed being waited on hand and foot. (Sigh) I sure miss that.The rooms were larger than I thought they would be. There was a bed and couch and at night they would turn the couch into bunk beds and Nathan had a crib (not pictured). The boys loved their bunks!Our room was adjoining with my parents' and a couple of nights Jake and Josh slept in there. They LOVE grandma and grandpa and it was often hard to get the boys away from them! More of the cruise at a later be continued!

Cruise Food - Glorious Food

The food was fabulous on the cruise. We ate and ate and ate! Everywhere I turned there was more food to be had. We stuffed ourselves silly and loved every minute of it. I really enjoyed not haivng to make or clean any of it up!

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The day we went to Cabo, Willie and I left the boys on the ship. Please don't think we just ditched our kids. When we would go to pick up the boys from the kids' club, they would beg us to let them stay! Even Nathan enjoyed his time in Flounder's Reef. It was nice to know that our children were in good hands and having fun while we were away.

Willie and I left the cruise ship and boated over to the beach for our "excursion."The kayaks and snorkeling gear were all lined up on the beach and waiting for us!
Willie did not want to wear his life jacket (but did, of course) and we were quite a good kayaking pair. (Although I wasn't opposed to taking little breaks and letting Will do the work from time to time.)We paddled out and around the rock formations and spent some time on Lover's Beach.Here is my view of Willie snorkeling behind me.We had a good time swimming with our snorkels and looking at the fish. After a while it was kayaking back to the beach and being boated back to the ship! A fun and exciting day indeed. With Cabo checked off our list we were ready for the adventures of our next day.