Sunday, August 16, 2009

Good Times Fishing

Willie and the boys LOVE to go fishing. This time Will took some video and a few pictures of their adventure.

I enjoyed a quiet afternoon to myself (and typed) and only called Willie once to remind him to watch the boys and not to let them drown.

*Willie wants everyone to know that every fish caught is a different fish. (The boys weren't all reeling the same one in over and over...)

"One of the fish was given away, one of the fish died, and we caught and released 16 more...all within a matter of a short period of time. There were a lot of fishermen around that packed up and went home when we were on our third fish within a few minutes." -quote taken from the proud fishing father himself.

The boys are so lucky to have such a cool dad. I can hardly watch this video without screaming to get out of the filthy water. Willie is way more fun than I am. It surely must be because of him we are being sent sons...what better man to raise a boy? Fish On!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

He's Here!

No, not our baby boy...but my sister's! (Who by the way was due after me...)
Welcome to the world baby Ryan Truman Burr!
So arriving six weeks early, baby boy weighed in at almost 6 pounds (5 lbs. 14.8 oz.) and he's 19 inches long. Cynthia's been on bed rest for the last month or so, and I'm sure she'll post the whole story once she's at home and settled.Baby and Mama are doing well...and now I get to wait five more weeks for my turn. Seeing these pictures makes me so excited!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Nelson Family Reunion

Poor Jake only had two weeks between kindergarten and first grade! Luckily he didn't know any different or care...but I only had two weeks to shove in an entire summer. We headed to Vegas. First item on our agenda was the Nelson family reunion, which means from Vegas we quickly headed to St. George.The boys had fun "surfing" and swimming. We LOVE the water.Nathan practiced his swimming skills. He's good at "swimming" to me under the water and kicking his little legs.Here are Jake and Jason (my brother), both looking mighty fine!Josh was excited to see his cousins. He loves babies! Here he is patting Hailey's (my sister Cynthia's daughter) cheeks. Another cousin-lover is Brooklyn (Cynthia's daughter). Judging from his smile, Nathan didn't seem to mind!The three pregnant girls of the family (Cynthia, me, and Leslie) were showered with gifts and games. It was fun to visit with the ladies of the family while the men watched the kids.Here are the granddaughters that were there with Grandma Nelson. It was so good to see everyone!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Preggy Post

This image pretty much sums up my pregnancy. NO makeup, wet hair, chilling in my swimming suit, and very happy as long as I have food. I have no shame to my game. (Thanks for this glamorous picture, Mom, I think I'll have it framed.)I've been keeping busy and cool this summer by teaching swimming lessons. I don't have great pictures of the swimming lessons because I was in the water too. But here are some my mom took when she came to visit.
Joshua is pulling me to safety from the side. Always remember, "Reach or throw, don't go!" The first time I asked him to help me he just stood up and reached out his hand. I yanked him right into the water. Notice how he's stable on his stomach this time? He's a quick learner.
I taught three two-week sessions with three classes each session at a friend's house. It was so fun and it felt so good to be in the water. Best of boys can swim! Josh definitely got the best end of the deal. Nathan only got one session of lessons and Jacob only got three classes! (Blasted year-round school...)So now Joshua is the best swimmer of the three (much to Jake's dismay) and he is QUITE the fish. He can float. He can glide. And by golly, that boy can swim! I am so proud of him.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Handy Willie (CAN he build it...YES, he CAN!)

My husband isn't slow in building...I'm just slow in posting. The rolling can rack has been complete for months now and I LOVE it. I no longer have to pull out the older cans to add the new. It's so nice to have a handy hubby.

Here are some pictures and video of Nathan demonstrating just how simple putting the cans in and letting them roll can be. It's so easy to use, even a child can do it...kind of.

I'm still working on my food storage. It is surprisingly fun. (NEVER would I think those words would come from me.)