Sunday, August 16, 2009

Good Times Fishing

Willie and the boys LOVE to go fishing. This time Will took some video and a few pictures of their adventure.

I enjoyed a quiet afternoon to myself (and typed) and only called Willie once to remind him to watch the boys and not to let them drown.

*Willie wants everyone to know that every fish caught is a different fish. (The boys weren't all reeling the same one in over and over...)

"One of the fish was given away, one of the fish died, and we caught and released 16 more...all within a matter of a short period of time. There were a lot of fishermen around that packed up and went home when we were on our third fish within a few minutes." -quote taken from the proud fishing father himself.

The boys are so lucky to have such a cool dad. I can hardly watch this video without screaming to get out of the filthy water. Willie is way more fun than I am. It surely must be because of him we are being sent sons...what better man to raise a boy? Fish On!


Carol said...

Great video!

Papa Merv and Grandma Emma said...

Grandpa and Grandma Kahumoku are so proud of all you. You boyz are definitely true hawaiian fishermen. Did you eat your fishies? Papa would love to eat all your fish with lots of POI. Good job guys.

Kathryn said...

Good job boys! You guys are awesome fishermen.