Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Life is Full of Firsts

Nathan took his first steps today. Three steps to be exact. I was so thrilled for him and it made me happy to see how excited his big brothers were. Did I capture any of that on video?


But life if full of firsts and although I missed capturing the first steps (we tried to recreate it), I did get Nathan eating his first dill pickle today. Here is my sweet baby boy's reaction to a sour pickle...

***If you can't make it out Josh is saying, "Good night, sleep..." and Nathan answers, "tight!"

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Rainy-Day Gardening

It has rained almost all day today but that didn't stop us from working on the garden. Rain or shine, we (mostly me) are determined to get a garden in. No garden pictures yet. You'll have to wait until we're finished. Well okay, here's a sneak peak of some of what we got done today.The boys found a worm that was still partly stuck in its hole and they couldn't get him out. They have found several worms with all the rain and each one has received a name (Fred, Joe, Steven, Francee, and Apple) and a new home. These two crack me up!But the funniest moment of the day goes to Willie. He didn't want to be wet but wearing a coat made him hot (because of all his hard working) so he came up with this little number. Yes, he is wearing a garbage bag. I could not take him seriously in this thing and to make it worse, he kept making hilarious comments like "The neck's a little tight" and "Looks like I'm a full 13 gallons." He can always make me laugh.
Even though we were soaked and muddy and I'm already sore (never a good sign of what's to come), I really enjoyed working side by side with him today.

Monday, May 19, 2008


After Women's Conference I decided not to spend so much time blogging...can you tell? I'm still here though and all is well! We've had a lot going on so here's a quick run down.

I had a great Mother's Day. I spent two meals in bed (breakfast and lunch) and even got a nap. I was one happy mama. I'm certainly glad my children have character and all that, but it sure makes it hard to get a good picture. Sometimes it's tempting to wish they were boring little lumps. Here's a classic shot displaying the personalities we've got here.
The "big boys" got to go camping with Willie for the father-and-son camp out. They were so excited..all..day..long. They woke up ready to go. Here they are waiting as patiently as little boys can for their dad to get home.They were ready to camp. Josh was so anxious to roast a marshmallow. Jake wanted to use his flashlight and throw sticks into the fire. They came home with reports of seeing a "pony" toad and a "big, poisonous snake." They were also thrilled that they got to shoot the guns, and Willie won a gift card to Sports Authority for being the only one able to recite Doctrine and Covenants section 4. (That's my man!)
Poor baby got left in the dust. I kept reassuring him throughout the night that he could go next year. The rule here is you have to be able to walk to go on the father and son's. Willie came home and told me of another family whose rule was you had to be out of diapers to go...I like our rule better.

But Nathan and I had an enjoyable time dining on cold cereal and then really hitting the town with stops at Home Depot (for gardening goods) and Wal-Mart (to peruse at my own speed and not stop at the toys or to see the fish). I ended my night like this and I didn't even share with anyone! Being the mother of all boys does have perks...yeah for father and son's!