Monday, March 10, 2008

Spring What?

Jake doesn't care what time the clock says...he's not SPRINGING anywhere.Here's what he was doing at 8:30 this morning.

This time change is hard on us! I told Willie that next year instead of springing forward, I'm going to try easing forward. I know it would be a pain to change all the clocks...but don't you think setting the clocks forward 10 minutes a day (Tues. through Sun.) would be easier to get used to?


Tom & Rachel said...

I second the motion of "easing forward". That picture is too cute of Jake. It's funny when kids sleep in like teenagers. Reese has had it double rough with us having church during naptime and now a time change. She usually sleeps in until 9:00 on a normal day. So now it's like 10:00. Crazy I tell you!

gtninlv said...

Jake, you are so snuggly! I like seeing you sleeping with your reading quilt:)
Nat, I think you should change your clock on Saturday morning when you wake up. That way you will go to bed one hour earlier on Saturday and wake up rested on Sunday. It sounds like a good idea, but I probably won't remember it until next year.

Lindsay said...

I agree that it is hard to adjust to the time change... especially when my kids seem to wake up at 6:30 anyway! I would have thought that they would wake up at 7:30 because of the change, but no... they magically know what time it is and feel the need to wake up! I don't think my kids have EVER slept until 8:30... you are very lucky!

hoLLy said...

great idea! i'm going to try the incremental 10 minute thing next year. you are smart! :) this whole springing forward thing just sucks. it messes up sleeping and nap schedules big time.