Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Las Vegas

I (and Nathan) got to spend the past weekend in Las Vegas with my family. Scott is prepping for his mission, which blows my mind because it seems like he should still be about 5 years old, and he was ordained Sunday. It was a wonderful visit but I don't have any pictures, so check out my sister's post to see some. This isn't really cheating because although I didn't take my camera, most of the pictures she posted...I took!

This weekend she'll be coming to visit me and then next week...Women's Conference at B.Y.U.! I simply can't wait!!!


Cynthia said...

Oh my gosh please let it be time to go to Womens Conference. I am going to lose my mind!!!

Tom & Rachel said...

How fun! I'm also going to Women's conference next week. Yeah for re-charging our womenly batteries!

The Bechtol Family said...

hello kahumoku are ya?? it's cortni (swinn)'ll have to remind willie of our family. and let him know that carli just had her 1st baby 5 weeks ago....and casey has 2kids now!! we just started our family now you'll be able to check up on us a well. your family is beautiful.

cortni :)

gtninlv said...

Thanks for coming and suporting Scott. We missed Willie and the boys, but understand. See you tomorrow!

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