Sunday, August 1, 2010

Joshua is a Kindergartener!

Joshua has started kindergarten. His teacher is so nice (and so little)! I know he is going to learn a lot and have fun this year. So far he's sung "Who let the letters out? Who, who, who, who?" Get it? Letters instead of dogs? And then he goes through each of the alphabet letters and their sounds. It's a catchy little ditty.I've never seen a child so excited to start school. He's been anxiously awaiting the day and he claimed he wasn't nervous at all. He even told Willie he didn't need a father's blessing because he wasn't scared. Surprisingly, he wasn't (but he got a blessing anyhow). He gave us all hugs (little brother hug pictured below) and happily bounced into class. I missed him all day and teared up a bit, but I tried my hardest to focus on the exciting part of going to school.
After I picked him up from his first day on Monday, he asked, "Do I get to go back to school tomorrow?" When I told him yes, he said, "YESSSS!" Just like anything new, kindergarten will take some adjusting. Today (as in second day of school) his teacher told me he made "angry eyes" at her. It was all I could do to not laugh outloud. I know that look oh-so-well. If you've ever crossed Joshua, you know the look I'm talking about. We're working on that.I love my Joshua. He is a smart, hard-working, and talented boy. He will do well in school...even if he does have "angry eyes" every now and then.


Rachel B. said...

Oh so cute! Reese is good at making angry eyes too. :( So glad he likes school! He's probably so excited to be like his big brothers.

Kathryn said...

Congrats Josh! Natalie! I love the kids quotes on the side! They are sooo funny!!

Olivia said...

Oh man we get to do this next week. I think I'm more nervous than Averie. I always hated the first day of school. Fear of the unknown I guess. I love the angry eyes comment. I'm sure we will be getting that same report. Lets hope not but I get them so often at home I'm sure we will.

Grandma Nelson said...

No growing Josh! You look so big and handsome and happy!
Love you lots!
Grandma Nelson