Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Talk About a Toilet!

My Uncle Grant and Aunt Pam have recently done some home remodeling. Check out this commode! It actually has a little control panel mounted to the wall. In case you can't clearly read the buttons, here's what your choices are once you've done your business:

  • Rear Cleansing
  • Soft Rear Cleansing
  • Front Cleansing
  • Dryer
  • Oscillating
  • Pulsating
  • Of course arrows to control the pressure and position.
  • And in case of emergencies...a RED stop button.

I truly wanted to test it out but Willie was giving me the "are you crazy?!" look so I declined the offer. I've used other peoples' toilets before...what's the big deal? I think it's a great idea to have such a functional toilet. It would certainly cut down on toilet paper expenses. I wonder if I could get one that did all the cleaning this one offers and cleaned itself too.


100 Percent Cottam said...

wow. all i can say is WOW. that's um...interesting. i think i'm with willie on this one!

gtninlv said...

You should have tried it out! I can't begin to imagine....Only Uncle Grant:)

Kelly said...

This is freakin' hliariouis! I'm honestly laughing out loud. I can't believe you didn't try it- you have to go back and try it! This picture is stirring multiple toilet memories with you. . ..
1.your contraption to flush the toilet after the door is closed so as to not be covered in toilet germs.
2. The ice and roses in the toilet from Newman for homecoming- and pictures of Teresa prepare it, with her hands in the toilet!
3. Of course, our little funeral service.

The Kahumokus said...

Wow, Kelly...I didn't realize I've had so many experiences with toilets! Next time we visit, I'm using that dang toilet!!!

Bybees said...

You totally should have used the toilet! It sounds gross, but when you stop in think about it, it is so much more sanitary than toilet paper. I never knew there were so many options with the water. . .