Wednesday, October 31, 2007

No tricks, ALL Treats

We kicked the day off with a Halloween party here this morning for play group! The kids played pin the spider on the web and had a bean-bag toss. Then we decorated cupcakes to get the sugar high off to a good start early in the day!Everyone helped me serve up some Wacky Witches Brew...Even my little Nathan sat and listened to the story!The boys were so ready for trick-or-treating after the party...but it was only about a LONG day!


100 Percent Cottam said...

that looks like a blast! you're such a fun girl!

Meet the Ludlow's said...

What a fun day. You are a great mom!

Janna said...

Can I just tell you how sad that I was that I missed this? I wanted to come SO bad so that I could atleast say goodbye to everyone. Plus, knowing you.... I knew it would be a KILLER party! Sad! Let's have another party :) How about a Thanksgiving party :)