Monday, November 19, 2007

Bye-bye boxes!

Right now by the side of my bed I have a box, actually a stack of boxes, that has been doubling as a nightstand since Nathan was born. PA-THET-IC. Bye-bye boxes! We got some nightstands on Craigslist today. Willie hasn't gotten them home yet (he's officially my CL runner) but even though the post said they needed a little "TLC," honestly, they've got to be better than a stack of boxes...right?

I'm picturing maybe changing the knobs (what do 'ya think?) and putting some baskets on the shelves so that I can stuff lots of junk in them and no one will ever know. Possibly a knew finish depending on how they look in person...which won't be a problem now that refinishing is one of my new hobbies.

My friend Maria came over this morning and helped me get started on refinishing a table for my nook. (Yet another CL find.) We did pretty well, especially since neither of us knew what we were doing. We were able to complete the first step of stripping the wood. It was kind of fun, like peeling a sunburn. I'll have to take pictures of it for the before/after effect.

I guess if Willie brings these nightstands home and they're real trash, Maria and I will have another project!


gtninlv said...

Have you decided to paint or stain these nightstands? Nice to have auctions! Have fun:)

gtninlv said...

Change the word auction to options-oops!

Bybees said...

I love Craig's as well. We just refinished a table and chairs from a 30 dollar set we got from there and I love it! (we were eating off our card table since the table we had doesn't fit in the kitchen) We were just going to spray paint it black and sand the edges but decided to paint it on with a brush after four cans didn't even cover the chairs. Go you!

Olivia said...

Good for you Natalie. I always have ideas of things I can refinish and I never do. I'm sure they will turn out great. In fact I'm sure you even made the boxes look cute. It makes me feel better that I'm not the only one without a really bedroom set with side table and all that jazz. My dresser right now is an old entertainment cabinet.