Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Snowball Fight!

Okay this time it isn't a JibJab. This is real-life snow flinging! I love the sneaky little face Jacob has here preparing to throw a snowball at Joshua.He ran but he couldn't hide.
Jake certainly dished it out.
And got it right back in his face again.
You wouldn't really do this to a young innocent child, would you?
Apparently his father would. (And they both loved every second of it.)
Josh liked the snowballs to be made for him and handed to him.
Then he would strike!
Ahh! Help me! For some reason they turned on the family photographer next!


Janna said...

These are great pics Nat! Love them and looks like you guys had SO much fun! Love the snow... as long as I'm not cold :) ha ha

Cynthia said...

I can't believe how much snow you guys have that is unreal! Your snowball fight looks crazy and lots of fun. Willie is so good to those boys. I hope they didn't get you too bad it looks so cold.

Kahea Tomberlin said...

I'm so envious of your snow! I want a reason to drink lots of hot chocolate but can't do it 60-70 degree weather. I know I should be careful for what I wish for but I want to be snowed in so I won't have to go anywhere or do anything! I'm ready to wear long sleeves! Have fun with the snowmen and snowball fights. Hey Jake and Josh...throw one at your daddy for me! Love you guys! Aunt Kahea

gtninlv said...

Looks like fun!

Duke, Kathryn, & Seamus said...

I love your giant snowman! He's pretty cool! We just got back from Valdez and there's snow so maybe we'll be get to make one too!