Friday, January 11, 2008

Through Jake's Eyes

Jake loves the camera he got for Christmas (he took it to school with him yesterday to share and this morning I woke up to him whispering, "Mom, I'm going to take your picture while you're sleeping!") He wanted to share some of the pictures he's taken (no, the sleeping pictures will not be included!)

The camera has some great effects. Imagine how thrilled I was to see the picture he took of me as the devil. I felt a little better when he said it was a "bat"...but not much.
Josh makes a great pirate, arr! Josh has a camera too and they take pictures of each other...and everything else that gets in their way.
This morning I was ready to retire from my new modeling career (It truly is hard work! You have to hold really still so they can line up the pig nose or devil wings and other treasures that can go on the pictures) so I sent them off to take pictures of everything green in our house. Ah, my two photographers!


Cynthia said...

You look so cute in your green sweater. I can't wait to go shopping today and see what treasures I can find. Thanks for the phone call.

Duke, Kathryn, & Seamus said...

And I thought I wanted to get Seamus a little camera for Christmas! Where kind of camera's are those so I make sure not to get them? So did you end up as a sleeping pig or what?

Duke, Kathryn, & Seamus said...

P.S. Seamus had a good laugh at your devil/bat picture!