Saturday, November 8, 2008

Annual Get-Away

Thanks to great friends and family, Willie and I are enjoying ourselves on our annual trip to Washington. Willie has conferences during the day...but I don't. It's quite nice indeed.

We forgot the camera (and contact solution, and my glasses, and the list could go on) so we've been taking quality photos with the phone. We had a nice flight.
And a great dinner, even if I ate too much and almost popped.

I'm not a big TV fan (that might be an under statement) but I've been relaxing and channel surfing a bit. My goodness, I am shocked with the filth. I'm really not used to it and I'm glad. I do, however, enjoy the decorating/remodeling shows. Maybe I'll get out of the hotel room some time today...then again, maybe I won't.


hoLLy said...

first of all, you guys are such a cute couple! second, i'm with you on not watching tv. i usually watch one, 30minute, show a week! thats it. its all so filthy and nothing is really good to me(i do like the design shows too). now the computer....thats a different story:)

angie said...

i'm jealous of your trip...sounds fabulous!!!

Kahea Tomberlin said...

Congrats on getting away for awhile. A few Sisters' in my new ward gave me a list of YW who offer babysitting services. But it's definitely not family. You're lucky to have that peace of mind! I loved your Disney trip photos. My kids' are thinking we're doing it next summer. I say maybe after the economy is a bit better. Love you all!

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