Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Thank You, Jenny!

On Tuesday nights Willie has Elder's Quorum meetings, which means he comes home for a bite of dinner and off he goes again, leaving me with the three littles. Tonight my neighbor (knowing my situation) came over to keep me company and sane. She even brought push-up popsicles! Thank you, Jenny!

Kai (her son) and the boys played out back for a bit and then we started watching an Elmo movie. They had to leave before it was over and the boys had to stop watching and save the rest for tomorrow to take their bath too. Having a friend over definitely helps the night to go by quicker and Kai is six months older than Josh and about a year younger than Jake so he fits right in!

Jake was telling me all about this Elmo movie (in detail), which I had never seen before. So I asked him if he had seen it before. He said, "Yeah, I saw it when you were getting born with Nathan." I guess he saw it at Jenny's house when I was at the hospital having Nathan! He has a scary memory. Don't ever tell him (or let him overhear) something you would rather not have repeated or remembered!

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gtninlv said...

Nat (and boys),
You are so lucky to have good friends! Can we watch the Elmo movie when we come to visit in November? Have a fun day at play group today. We're envious of your cooler temperatures!
Love you all,
Grandma & Grandpa Nelson